Oxygen Devices handed over to all Municipalities of Ajara

The Ministry of Health of Ajara received about 80 units of oxygen concentrators. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara Tornike Rijvadze got acquainted with the process on the spot. The medical devices will be distributed in 6 municipalities of Ajara and it will be used for treatment of patients infected with coronavirus before the hospitalization in case of urgent need.

‘With the support of the Ministry of Health of Georgia, oxygen devices were delivered to the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, which will be distributed to mountainous Ajara, Kobuleti and Khelvachauri. Our priority is the continuous provision of medical services to each infected citizen and it is important that there will be even more technical support for rural doctors so that they can provide basic medical services to all citizens on the ground. As I have already mentioned, effective management of the epidemic and the maintenance and improvement of the economy and the socio-economic situation of the citizens are the most important tasks for us ‘ - said Tornike Rijvadze.

Rural physicians will also be actively involved in the coronavirus management process. Oxygen concentrators have already been delivered to covid hotels and clinics involved in coronavirus management. Meetings with village doctors and nurses will be held as part of the technical support.

The transfer of oxygen devices to the municipalities was carried out with the involvement and initiative of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.



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