Government of Ajara to start financing Infertility Treatment and Diagnosis

An important project will be implemented in Ajara, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara stated about it at the government session held today.

‘When planning the new budget, we have taken into account the appeal of citizens in social and healthcare field. We have new initiatives and we have decided to finance infertility diagnosis and treatment in Ajara. During the next adjustment in this direction, more than half a million GEL will be provided in the budget. Due to the application, funding will increase in the coming years,’ - said Tornike Rijvadze.

The beneficiaries of the program are individuals who need reproductive medical care in order to have a child. People from different social categories will be funded. Half a million GEL will be allocated for this program. Depending on the application, the budget will be increased at a later stage.



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