Tornike Rijvadze: ‘Social programs remain the main priority direction of the Ministry of Health of Ajara’

The chairman of the government of Ajara spoke at the government session about the programs planned in the direction of healthcare. In 2023, the budget of the Ministry of Health of Ajara increased by almost 4 million GEL and amounts to 33,235,000 GEL.

‘In particular, I would like to mention the innovations introduced this year by the Ministry of Health. A program has already been launched, within the framework of which parents with disabilities and pregnant women will receive one-time financial assistance. A number of important innovations were introduced both in the case of serious diseases of the retina, as well as in the case of alcohol and drug addicts. Funding for heart transplants has increased this year. From November 1, 2022, the treatment of oncological diseases will be fully financed. Social programs remain the main priority direction – Tornike Rijvadze said.

The implementation of existing programs continues and a number of new programs have been launched. Among them, one-time material assistance of disabled parents and pregnant women in the amount of 2000 GEL, financing of treatment of citizens with serious diseases of the retina, financing of inpatient services for mental and behavioral disorders caused by alcohol intake.

Funding for bone marrow transplants and heart transplants has increased. Cancer treatment is fully funded. From 2023, the list of cancer drugs and the annual limit, as well as the amount of money to be financed for each treatment and the financing of computed tomography (PET/CT) research, have been increased. Funding is increasing both for expensive medical treatment and for providing eco-immigrant families with houses.

Within the framework of social programs, both the budget and the number of beneficiaries have increased. A number of new programs in the direction of public health were launched.



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