The government of Ajara is starting to finance programs for the development of family farming and entrepreneurship in rural areas

At the meeting of the government of Ajara, Government officials discussed the financing of programs to promote the development of agriculture in Ajara, which will start in February. The chairman of the government noted that rural support remains a priority.

‘The budget of 2 important agricultural programs will increase to 3 million GEL. This is significant both in terms of promoting sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship and creating jobs at the local level. Also, I would like to mention that only last year more than 800 small family farms were financed, and in this direction, significant funds are provided this year as well. I am sure that many farmers will benefit from the mentioned projects’- Tornike Rijvadze said.

2 important programs are implemented in Adjara: promotion of the development of agricultural associations and family farms and promotion of the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas. In 2022, 13 successful projects were financed within the framework of promoting the development of entrepreneurship in rural areas, both in the direction of primary production and processing-storage-sale. In 2022, the program for promoting the development of unions and family farms was also implemented, within the framework of which about 800 projects submitted by agricultural unions and small family farms were financed.

The mentioned projects will be implemented in 2023 as well. The budget of the program is increasing every year. Applications for projects will start from February. The citrus season in Ajara is going on successfully. At present, a subsidy of approximately 800,000 GEL has already been provided by the state. The citrus season in the region lasts until February 1. Accordingly, the amount of subsidy will also increase.



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