The Government of Ajara is starting the construction and rehabilitation of 3 Important Medical Facilities

At the meeting of the Government of Ajara, the Chairman of the Government, Tornike Rijvadze, announced the construction and rehabilitation of 3 important state-owned medical facilities.


The regional tuberculosis center in Ajara, the Batumi N1 polyclinic and the Batumi Emergency Coordination and Emergency Aid Center will have new buildings in the near future.


The building of Batumi N1 polyclinic does not meet the established standards. With the rehabilitation of the mentioned building, the medical services of more than 50,000 patients will be improved, and the population will be able to receive outpatient, emergency and stationary services in one space.


In the same building, in a modern/renovated space, the Batumi Center for Coordination of Emergency Situations and Emergency Assistance will be located. By moving the emergency medical center to a new building, the working conditions of 160 people employed in the institution will be improved.


Also, the current TB building was built decades ago and does not meet the standards required to provide comprehensive services. By moving the tuberculosis center to the premises of the infectious disease hospital, the quality of patient services will be significantly improved.



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