The Government of Ajara to fully finance high-tech research for all Patients diagnosed with Oncology

The government of Ajara will fully finance high-tech research for all patients diagnosed with oncology, access to oncology services. Program budget will be increased.

Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of the Government of Ajara together with Nino Nizharadze , the Minister of Health and Social Care of Ajara, met with oncologists and patients to provide information about program changes, further improve the program and share opinions.

At the meeting, they talked about financing additional medical services for patients with malignant tumors, financing various medical services for cancer patients, increasing access to expensive diagnostic studies and medicines. Oncosurgery has been fully financed from 2022. From 2023 - the government of Ajara increased the funding of computed tomography research to 100%. The study is funded for all patients with an oncological diagnosis.

From August 1, the expensive medicines needed by cancer patients will be fully financed without co-payment. Also, the monetary limit on the treatment of patients was removed, and the annual limit was also increased.



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