Tornike Rijvadze oversees the Construction of a Social House for 90 Families in the Municipality of Khelvachauri

Tornike Rijvadze, Chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, Jaba Putkaradze, Ajara's Minister of Finance and Economy, and Zaza Diasamidze, Mayor of Khelvachauri Municipality oversaw the construction of a communal house for 90 families in Khelvachauri.

In Kapreshumi village, work has begun on another nine-story social housing. 90 households will be given living space in the new house. The project will cost 11 million GEL.

In conjunction with the satisfaction of families afflicted by natural disasters on the area of Khelvachauri municipality, four communal dwellings have already been created. There are three in Kapreshumi village and one in Urekhi settlement.

In addition, social houses are being built in Erge and Salibauri. The social housing in Khelvachauri municipality will serve 350 families in total. Construction of communal housing is undertaken in nearly all Ajara municipalities.



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