Ajara Government Session

The budget and projected priorities of the autonomous republic were discussed at the meeting of Ajara government. Ajara's republican budget surged and surpassed 700 million GEL. Both the ministries' budgets and the number of transfers to municipalities have grown. The transfer was increased by 35.8 million GEL to 241 million GEL.

‘The Autonomous Republic of Ajara's budget was increased and set at 700 million GEL. This will help us to better care for each Ajara resident and conduct tailored programs that are meaningful to our community. I would like to thank the Government of Georgia, Mr. Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance of Georgia for support,’ - Tornike Rijvadze stated at the Ajara Government meeting. The construction of the second stage of the "Dream City" will begin, for which 17,000,000 GEL has been allocated.The construction of a new ropeway between Goderdzi and Gomarduli will be carried out. 5 million GEL is provided for the development project of Ethnosofeli of Chvana and Machakhela, and 35.8 million GEL is provided for the implementation of sports infrastructure projects.

Tornike Rizhvadze, Chairman of the Government of Ajara, spoke about the health care budget at the government meeting held today and noted that in 2024, the health care budget will increase by 11 million GEL and amount to 51,255,000 GEL. As a result, additional medical services for heart surgery and cancer patients will increase. 2,260 beneficiaries will benefit from medical and social rehabilitation of children and adolescents.

According to Tornike Rijvadze, all planned educational projects will be effectively implemented within the framework of the increased budget, the construction of new educational spaces, support programs for students and teachers will continue – ‘with the new budget, more than 95 schools will be rehabilitated and new ones will be built.’ Also, more than 80 schools in Ajara will be equipped with new modern equipment. We will continue to support students and teachers. A new program for the support of teachers will be launched, especially for teachers who work in the districts, and they will be given a monthly supplement of 500 GEL.

In 2024, construction and rehabilitation works of more than 95 public schools will be carried out, including the main or additional buildings of 9 public schools in Batumi, for which 37 million GEL will be spent. Student assistance programs will continue. 1500 students will receive funding to study and intern overseas. Within the context of the amended budget, 7,175,000 GEL is allocated for promotion and development of sports. In 2024, sports events of 42 federations will be financed. 1 000 000 GEL will be given in the form of one-time awards. The stipend for the members of the national team of Ajara and their personal coaches will be 200,000 GEL.

Tornike Rijvadze focused on the planned economic and infrastructural projects at the meeting of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara. According to the head of the government, one of the main priorities is the implementation of infrastructure projects on an even larger scale. Together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Georgia, it is planned to implement a large-scale rehabilitation project in Batumi - a complete restoration-re

habilitation of old Batumi, for the purposes of which 200 million has already been determined. This will be one of the most central projects for both touristic and infrastructural renewal of Batumi. New projects will be implemented in terms of medical infrastructure construction as well. We are planning to build a new polyclinic in Batumi. Also, the construction of the Batumi center for coordination of emergency situations and emergency assistance. A pediatric department will be added to Batumi Republican Hospital.



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