World Down Syndrome Day

Chairman of Ajara AR Government Zurab Pataradze participated in the event dedicated to the World Down Syndrome Day together with his family members and government officials. The event was initiated by the Georgian Association of Down’s syndrome, Public Health Center of Ajara and the Ministries of Education and Health of Ajara. Children from Chakvi Rehabilitation Center and the Center of Education, Development and Employment participated in the event. Children marched in special T-shirts distributing flyers in the frame of the event. Puppet and Youth Theater of Batumi presented the performance special for children with Down syndrome and disabilities.

On the one hand, the aim of the event is to inform the public, to raise awareness and gain support and on the other hand to support children with Down syndrome to integrate into society and increase the quality of their full life.

According to the data provided by the medical facilities, 33 people with Down’s syndrome are registered in Ajara, out of which 25 are under the age of 15.

Message of 2017 is ‘My Voice in Society’, that is initiated by the International Organization of Down’s syndrome. It has been already 4th year after tradition of ‘Lot’s of Socks’ was established, that aims at mass expressing of solidarity. People wearing colored socks attract the attention of others and become distributors of information.

Stigma and stereotypes existing towards the people with Down’s syndrome led to the founding this day in the world. Despite the fact that the civilized world is working hard for DS people’s full integration and harmonious coexistence into society, stigmas and alienation from society still exists.

World Down Syndrome Day has been celebrated in most countries of the world including Georgia since 2011.


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