New Equipment for the Road Department of Ajara

Zurab Pataradze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government together with Archil Chikovani, the Head of Roads and Amelioration Systems Management Department acquired new equipment purchased by the road department.

For the improvement of quality of roads, the Road Department purchased 4 tractors, 2 loader-excavators and 5 pickup type off-road vehicles. The deflectometer device was purchased for the purpose of quality control. The device determines the coefficient of asphalt basis tactic. 2 Schmidt hammers (defines concrete marking) and 15 thermometers, which determines the asphalt temperature were also purchased.

New road signs are being prepared for Batumi and other five municipalities that will be placed on Batumi roads. More than 2000 new road signs will be prepared this year.

For technical supervision, the department has purchased new special clothes for road makers and mechanisers, which is intended for their professional activities.

More than 1 500 000 Gel was spent for a new equipment. 100 000 Gel is allocated from the budget for special clothes and road signs.


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