17th Congress of European Constitutional Courts in Batumi

17th Congress of European Constitutional Courts was opened today in Batumi. Zurab Pataradze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government attended the congress that was opened by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Georgia Zaza Tavadze. The President of Georgia, Prime Minister of Georgia, Chairman of Georgian Parliament and Chairman of Ajara AR Government and Ambassador of United Nations in Georgia welcomed the attendees.    

Zurab Pataradze, as the head of the host city, talked about Batumi’s historic past and importance. As he said, Batumi is not only constitutional capital of Georgia, but also one of the most attractive tourist, economic and cultural center in Georgia. As Zurab Pataradze noted, Batumi with its European past is the best image of the modern Georgia.

‘This is not accidental that it happens in Batumi,  as historically our town always was a maritime center for Georgia. Batumi Port attracted number of well-known oil industrialists in Porto Franco period: Ludwig Nobel, Alexander Mantashev and Rothschild’s family. Despite the small period of Porto Franco status validity, Batumi has become a growing European-style town.     

Success of Batumi - attracting investments, transforming it into a transit corridor, tourism sector development and many other achievements are still linked to its seaside location, the strategic importance and attractiveness.      

Importance of Batumi as a maritime capital is invaluable for our country,’ - the Chairman of Ajara AR Government Zurab Pataradze said.  

Delegates from more than 40 European countries’ constitutional courts, Chairman of the relevant institution and other high-ranking guests are visiting Batumi in the frames of congress. Members of the legislative, executive and judiciary of Georgia, representatives of the diplomatic corps, as well as the President of the Venice Commission of Europe are taking part in the congress.       

It is noteworthy that Georgia has been transferred from the Austrian constitutional court for 3 years in 2014 to the chairmanship of the European constitutional courts and is currently the only non-EU member of the EU elected by the Congressional Chairmanship.    

17th  Congress of European Constitutional Courts, which concerns the role of constitutional courts in the protection and use of constitutional principles, will last until July 1.


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