Zurab Pataradze - An Unprecedented Project begins at Green Cape

Zurab Pataradze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government visited the Green Cape with Ramaz Bolkbadze, the Minister of Finance and Economy of Ajara, where the most important and unprecedented project for regional tourism development is about to start. Tourism Development Fund of Georgia is constructing five-star hotel at the Green Cape. The Project is unprecedented in terms of its content. The Black Sea Beach and the Green Cape will be connected with a ropeway. Treatment-Enhancing Hotel complex will serve the tourists at any time of the year, which will facilitate the development of four seasons of tourism.

Open lounge rope way arranged in the 1980s has been destroyed for more than 25 years. In frames of the new project, German Company provides a new rope way of a high standards that will transport 5000 people per day. Tourists and locals will be able to reach the Green Cape in a few minutes from the black sea beach. Café-Restaurant and swimming pool will be also arranged.

The land required for the project was purchased by the company for its market price. The coastal area adjacent to the complex will be open and public as planned.


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