Ajara Government Session in Resort Gomarduli

Field Session of Ajara AR Government was held on resort Gomarduli. Tornike Rijvadze opened the session with an important news and noted that the resort has been finally sequestered. Investors are able to continue their activities without hindrance. The long-term concept of resort development has been prepared, which aims to make place attractive for all four seasons.

Chairman of the Government talked about the role of youth in the development of the region. Ministries and public institutions have been obliged to involve young people in the process that the government is implementing.

The citrus season was also summarized at the session. It should be noted that during the last decade, this year set a record in terms of citrus exports, which increased by 12% compared with the previous year.

With the initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the amendments were made in several companies’ purchase agreements for promoting investment activities.

Village support program is implemented in Ajara, like in other regions. 20 million Gel was allocated totally, out of which 2 million Gel will be spent to Ajara. Amount will be used for infrastructural projects, which will be selected by local residents. More than 300 villages are involved in the project from Ajara.