Tornike Rijvadze: Republican budget of Ajara for 2020 will be the welfare budget of the population of Ajara

Government Session of Ajara AR Government has been held today. Tornike Rijvadze, the Chairman of Ajara AR Government led the session.

Prior to discussing the issues on the agenda, he made several important statements. The first issue that the Chairman addressed was the republican budget of 2020 and the planned projects. As the Chairman noted, the budget of 2020 is increased by 11%.

‘This is a budget drawn up by people. We have been actively holding meetings with the population in rural and urban areas under the direction of the party Chairman. Consequently, we have taken into account all the challenges and problems that our population is concerned about in the budget. Therefore, we can say that the Republican budget of Ajara for 2020 will be the welfare budget of the population of Ajara, which is a precondition for the economic development and prosperity of our citizens“– Tornike Rijvadze said.

The budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Care is increased by 18% and it means 21 million Gel. The Ministry plans to launch a program to support the reintegration of orphans aged 18 to 25 for the first time. The program’s goal is the full reintegration of caregivers into society. Up to 465 GEL per month will be spent for the implementation of the program. Also in 2020, for the first time the Ministry will fund patients under the age of 18 with

diseases in foreign medical institutions. ‘We have increased the budget of Health and Social Care and I am particularly pleased that the program for the reintegration of carefree continues. Until now, this program was only for minors and reintegration programs can now continue for the others as well’ – the Chairman noted.

The Chairman dealt with the biggest social problem in the region and noted that expenditures are foreseen in the next years’ budget to solve these problems.

‘I would like to deal with one of the most important challenge like ‘Dream Town’. 12 million Gel is already foreseen in the next year’s budget to solve the above mentioned problem’ – Tornike Rijvadze said.

Implementation of three quarters of the republican budget of Ajara 2019 was discussed at the session. Ministers, Mayors of the municipalities and government officials attended the Government Session.