Children's Charity fund "Yalkan" has the new Space by the Initiative of Tornike Rijvadze

According to the decision of the Government of Ajara, the Yalkan Foundation, which has been working on issues of adolescents, minors, homeless children who have been victims of violence in the region for years, has been given a space for effective functioning. The Chairman of the Government of Ajara, Tornike Rijvadze announced about the decision at the Government session.

‘We have good news. All of you are familiar with the activities of Yalkan Foundation. Over the years, the foundation has supported hundreds of children, both socially disadvantaged and victims of violence. They had a very significant challenge to the space, so we decided to use the appropriate space to help this fund provide support and carry out its mission more successfully and effectively' - Tornike Rijvadze said. 

For years, the foundation has been helping vulnerable and abused children. During this time, the organization has removed hundreds of children from the streets. The foundation will also be involved in the 24-hour crisis shelter program of the Ministry of Health.