Roads to Goderdzi Resort being cleaned Extensively

Snow clearing works are underway in mountainous Ajara.

Tornike Rijvadze, Chairman of Ajara AR Government got acquainted with the situation in the municipalities.

‘Road clearing works are underway from Khulo-Adigeni direction to Goderdi Resort. Roads to administrative centers are practically clean as well as in directions to villages. Works will continue and soon local population and tourists going to Goderdzi resort well move without problems. There was interrupted power supply. As a result of the work done by the company all problems have been eliminated and power supply will be restored very soon,’ – Tornike Rijvadze said.

In Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities, where the snow cover reached 1 meter, 15 units of machinery are actively carrying out road cleaning works. By this time, about 30 village roads were being repaired. In Keda municipality, in Khunkuda village, landslide clearing works were carried out immediately.

The Department of Roads of Ajara carries out snow clearing 24 hours a day.