Tornike Rijvadze: All Macroeconomic Indicators in Ajara have increased with an Investment Portfolio of 4 billion GEL

First government session of 2020 has been held today at government of Ajara headed by Tornike Rijvadze. The Chairman summed up investment projects of the last year and talked about 2020 plans.

‘Under the investment promotion rule, more than 45 projects renewed in Ajara last year, with an investment portfolio of 1 billion GEL. It is important to continue business promotion and creating job places in our region. It should be noted that according to official statistics, 2000 job places were created last year in Ajara. We will continue working to have at least 6,000 new jobs that will support the employment of our citizens and create new opportunities for them. All macroeconomic indicators in the region have increased. In terms of foreign direct investment as well, we have a 43% growth in 9 months, with an investment portfolio of 4 billion GEL, which again emphasizes a healthy investment environment.

It is noteworthy that we have impressive results in the implementation of the budget of the Republic - the 2019 budget was fulfilled by 95%. I would like to thank our team for the work done’ - Tornike Rijvadze said.

Discussed issues on the agenda of the government aimed at facilitating investment activities in the region.