7.3 million GEL from the Budget of Ajara to arrange Quarantine Spaces and Support the Tourism Sector

The government of Ajara has taken the initiative to find the resources available in the republican budget and use them effectively due to the current global challenge.

7.3 million GEL from the republican budget of Ajara will be spent on placing citizens in quarantine zones and creating appropriate conditions for them. On the instructions of the Government of Ajara, the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Ajara has been managing quarantine spaces since April 6. 5 281 000 GEL is allocated for quarantine zones at this stage, and a total of 7 300 300 000 GEL is provided for quarantine zones during the budget change.

At this stage, there are 28 quarantine zones in Ajara. With the cooperation of the public and private sectors and with high social responsibility on the part of the hotels, hotels have been relocated at the cost of state-of-the-art quarantine zones. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health are followed and a safe environment is provided in the quarantine zones.

In parallel with the fight against the virus, it is important to maintain the sustainability of the people employed in the tourism sector and the industry. According to the anti-crisis plan of the Georgian government, a subsidy and interest co-financing program is being implemented to support the tourism industry.