Tornike Rijvadze: Anti-Tourism Plan is a Targeted Tourism Support Program

According to Tornike Rijvadze, many hotels in Ajara will benefit from the Tourism Support Program.

‘The Georgian government has presented a tourism support plan, and according to this plan, many hotels and accommodation facilities, including in Ajara, will benefit from this. It is a targeted support and assistance program. We are confident that the specific plan, which aims to restore domestic tourism from June 15 and then receive international visitors and travelers by July 1, will allow our tourism industry to be able to receive tourists in the post-crisis period and get income which is important for their proper, sustainable development’ – the Chairman said.

According to Tornike Rijvadze, the issue of social distancing on the beaches will be overseen. ‘According to the professional opinion of infectious disease specialists, sea water is not contagious and this is a very reliable forecast. As for distancing in general, I am sure that our citizens, as well as tourists, will try their best to protect it, and of course, we will observe this in the part of supervision’ – Tornike Rijvadze noted.