Report on the Activities of the Government of Ajara

� In order to prevent the spread of COVID 19, GEL 23 million was mobilized in the budget of Ajara, which was distributed to the most important needs to overcome the crisis.

� Construction of Batumi Republican Hospital is completed, clinic is equipped and COVID19 fever center is located.

� Although Ajara was facing a particular challenge as a border region, the healthcare system managed to make Adjara an example in terms of clinical management.

� 28 quarantine zones selected in Ajara and more than 8600 citizens used quarantine space.

� Vulnerable families living in all six municipalities of Ajara were given food baskets.

� Distance learning has been successfully implemented. � 1300 farmers from Ajara benefited from the anti-crisis program of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.

� 1500 hectares of agricultural land have already been cultivated in Ajara free of charge. 1,300,000 planting and seedling materials will be provided free of charge.

� In order to support the investment climate and stimulate the economy, investors were forced to postpone the obligation for 6 months and not to be fined during the state of emergency.

� Despite the pandemic, the construction of 3 cities has not stopped: the construction of the city of education and science, the ‘Green City’ and the ‘City of dreams’.

� Large-scale infrastructure projects are being implemented in Ajara: Gas pipeline installation has been carried out on a 63 km section from Salibauri to Khichauri, which includes gasification of 11,900 subscribers

� Ajara settlements and villages water supply and sewerage program is underway, which will benefit 215,000 subscribers

� A solid waste management facility is under construction in Ajara with a budget of 7 million euros and will be completed by the end of the year.

� Construction of Batumi football stadium and Batumi sports complex is underway.

� As a result of effective investment policy in Ajara, Ajara's investment portfolio exceeds 4 billion GEL.

� Under the new investment promotion regulation, 60 investment projects have been renewed, the total investment is about 1.5 billion GEL.

� Batumi has been named in the top ten safest tourist destinations in Europe.

� The Regional Assembly of Europe (AER) has recognized the contribution of the Autonomous Republic of Ajara to the security and prosperity of the crisis caused by COVID19. The Regional Youth Center has been recognized by the European Regional Assembly for its volunteer work during the pandemic.

� During 1 year, Adjara, Batumi gained 4 international recognitions, Batumi became a European sports city, Batumi was named an attractive city for investment by Forbes, Batumi was named a safe tourist destination and Batumi, exactly 1 year ago, the so-called growing European tourist destination. He became an Oscar winner in tourism.